Two Nous consultants sitting in the Nous office

Our Purpose & Story

Nous was founded to deliver positive influence

In 1999, Tim Orton founded Nous with the aspiration of building a consulting firm that made a substantial, positive contribution. Not just to our clients and their businesses, but also to the customers and communities they serve. Our enduring purpose – to deliver positive influence that significantly improves people’s lives – guides our behaviours every day and our ambition for a better future.

Growth powered by purpose

Positive influence, fueled by the expertise and passion of Nousers past and present, has led to more than two decades of growth for Nous Group. As we’ve extended our network into new markets and broadened our capabilities, we have built our strategy with strong reference to purpose. This means we ask ourselves: What sectors should we work in? What issues should we work on? How can we partner with clients in ways that will have a significant positive impact on people’s lives? How can we help our clients achieve greater, more sustainable success?

Alongside other typical business scorecard metrics like clients, people and culture and financial performance, we assess the impact and reach of our consulting work in achieving positive influence. This enables us to measure our impact and ensure we stay true to our purpose as we grow.

Tim O presenting at Nous Group event

Meet our founder – Tim Orton

When founding Nous, Tim had a vision of creating a management consultancy where people could deliver positive influence through interesting and rewarding work while still having a full life outside work. This vision still holds true today and guides Nous’ strategic and operational decisions.

Tim has led the business through more than two decades of growth including expansion across Australia, the UK and North America.

Tim draws on his international experience as a trusted advisor to executives in the public, private and community sectors to provide a unique perspective on how leaders can achieve lasting, positive impact that balances competing needs and avoids unnecessary trade-offs.