Why Nous

Why Nous

We work with senior executives across the public, private and community sectors on their most complex, most consequential, strategic issues.

We offer a broad consulting capability that can take you from strategy and design through to transformational change. We build your organisational capability in the process so that what we achieve together, the difference we make together, can be sustained into the future.

Working as one unified network of 700 consultants across five countries, we can easily bring together the ideal mix of expertise you need, at the scale and speed you require.

Nous stands for – A bigger idea of success

We are inspired and determined to improve people’s lives in significant ways. As a genuinely purpose-based firm, we work on the opportunities and challenges that transform businesses, governments and communities.

When we partner with you, we think big. We elevate your ambition and sharpen your sense of what’s possible. We build confidence in what we can achieve together.

We recognise that diversity in people, thinking and approach can solve the most complex challenges. So, we excel at bringing people, ideas and analyses together. As we collaborate, we think deeply and adaptively to find the best possible answers. With your strengths combined thoughtfully with ours, we become far more than the sum of our parts. Together we achieve bigger, better outcomes.

The attributes that make this possible can be found in the roots of the word Nous.

Nous means ‘we’ over ‘me’

We, the French meaning of nous, is essential to our being. So essential that our visual brand takes inspiration from a murmuration: the natural phenomenon where large flocks of starlings fly together in a dynamic, fluid motion. This ‘we’ is far more powerful than the many ‘me’.

A murmuration has huge energy because it is wonderfully collaborative, has a shared purpose, and is an intelligent, elegant system operating on simple principles. This powerful metaphor exemplifies how we work with each other, and how we partner with you.

Achieving outcomes for you is our top priority

Our aim is to delight our clients. So to make sure we do, after every consulting project, we ask our clients to complete a short feedback survey to rate their experience with us. The survey includes the well-established Net Promoter Score (NPS): We ask “How likely is it that you would recommend Nous to a friend or colleague?”


Our NPS stands at +80.7, compared to a global consulting average of +76.6. (Source: Hinge Research Institute).