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We are in an innovation era. Exponential technology trends keep presenting us with new opportunities to transform how our businesses operate.

The proliferation of new business models mean that governments and businesses must lift their pace, and be willing to self-disrupt, to maintain relevance, while protecting themselves and their customers against new threats.

We develop digital strategies, products and services for a dynamic, customer-centric world. Our consultants can help you design digital strategies and solutions that are perfectly tailored to your business – holistic, customer-informed and competition-aware.

Our consulting services include

Digital strategy

Digital strategies should be current and dynamic – not left to become dormant – so your people can continuously connect with and implement them. Our consultants develop digital strategies by combining stakeholder engagement, leading cross-industry-practice and enterprise-level perspectives. We make your strategic choices clear and set you up for successful implementation.

Digital transformation advisory

Digital transformations are successful when they focus on the right capabilities and help people learn and adapt together. We act as an independent driver of collaboration and alignment. Our consultants articulate change cases, identify important trade-offs, supporting decision communication, and most importantly, ensure you realise the outcomes and benefits you need.

Cyber security capability and culture

Data and security breaches can compromise customer trust and create major regulatory issues. Our consultants develop cyber awareness programs that are tailored to your culture, values and unique threat profile. We uplift cyber maturity elements including data governance, threat management, risk and compliance, and incident response.


Nous' Digital Transformation Advisory 

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