How is your organization going to win now and into the future? Without a strategy, your organization risks being left behind by rivals that anticipate trends and position themselves for success.


How is your organization going to win now and into the future? Without a strategy, your organization risks being left behind by rivals that anticipate trends and position themselves for success.

Effective strategy cuts through complexity. It reveals the market opportunities to be pursued and the capabilities needed to win. It unifies and inspires people and clarifies what they need to do to deliver value for the organization, its stakeholders, customers and the community.

We work with businesses, government agencies and not-for-profit organizations to analyze their operating environment, to identify strategies for the future and to cascade the strategy into plans. Our consultants listen, ask the right questions and create strategies that help your organization and teams perform and succeed in terms you define.

Our consulting services include

Business and growth strategy

Boards and executive teams must decide where to focus their organization’s efforts and resources to achieve sustained high performance. Our consultants work with you to identify the best mix of customers, services and markets to focus on and to draw out clearly what will be required to win, and with government organizations on the right programs and initiatives to pursue.

Cost reduction and productivity

Whether the driver is margin growth for businesses or greater efficiency for public sector agencies, cost reduction must be sustainable, otherwise organizational performance drops which can lead to further cost cutting. Our consultants start by focusing on what customers and stakeholders most value, and then analyze and reduce the capital and operating expenditures that least support the organization’s strategy and future success. Our cost reduction work covers both identification and implementation of savings.

Business cases

When decision makers are considering a new venture, a business case is essential to articulate the case for investment. Our consultants work with proponents to develop a compelling business case that demonstrates how a new venture is desirable, feasible and viable, supported by a strong evidence base and support from stakeholders.


We work with clients to deeply understand their client segments and the needs of each segment. This includes a mix of insightful data analytics and our expert human-centred design approach to bring together the quantitative and qualitative aspects required to understand and meet client needs. Our consultants are also expert in designing operating models and service models to deliver what each segment requires.

Supporting new ventures

The success of a new venture can depend on the effectiveness of the go-to-market plan and launch strategy. Our consultants help you develop a go-to-market plan that outlines how a new venture will achieve competitive advantage and a launch strategy focused on how the new venture will achieve its first sales. We draw on human-centered design, and minimum viable product and Agile approaches to rapidly develop and test new ventures.

Business model design

A business model is the scaffolding of a business. It outlines how all parts of the business come together to create something of value, transfer that value to a customer and extract that value for the benefit of the organization. Our consultants help you design a business model informed by strategic analysis.

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