Transformation & Implementation

We deliver high-impact transformation and implementation activities.

Transformation & Implementation

We deliver high-impact transformation and implementation activities.

Community expectations of major institutions are high, especially in challenging economic times. Meanwhile, these institutions face disruption from climate change, economic turbulence, geopolitical upheaval and emerging technologies.

Responding successfully to the scale and pace of change requires organizations to continuously adapt, and occasionally transform, to deliver value to customers and citizens.

We have partnered with hundreds of organisations to address their biggest strategic challenges so they can adapt and thrive during periods of transformative change.

Our breadth of capabilities means we can support complex, multi-stream transformation programs. Through best-in-class project management arrangements, we maximize impact and manage execution risk.

Our consulting services include

Transformation strategy and delivery

Leaders must increasingly drive wholesale change through their organizations to lift performance while protecting reputation, financial sustainability and morale. We develop and deliver major transformation programs that focus on outcomes and deliver sustainable improvements to performance.

Implementation support and assurance

Few organizations possess all the capabilities needed to implement transformational change. We can help you across all stages of your transformation journey. We provide whole-team capacity as well as targeted coaching and support for leaders. We provide expert advice and assurance across the people, process and technology domains of implementation.

Process improvement and automation

Clear and efficient business processes are crucial for embedding and implementing change and optimizing delivery. We ensure that processes are aligned to organizational goals and strategies by finding more effective ways of execution and enhancing systems. We review and redesign the end-to-end linked tasks that enable a business to function or support the delivery of a service or product.


Nous’ formula for results-driven transformation

We combine specialist knowledge on organisational changes and with proven strategies and frameworks to serve as a trusted partner to organisations undertaking transformative change.

Uni tech investment

Without these actions, your university’s major tech investment risks failure

While universities may make the technology leap forward, true savings are gained through service improvements and process optimization.

University mental health services

Here’s how university mental health services can rise to the challenge of surging demand

As the student population grows and becomes more diverse, universities face new challenges in supporting students to remain enrolled and achieve academic success.