New strategy to help GOTAFE become a leading digitally-enabled training provider

New strategy to help GOTAFE become a leading digitally-enabled training provider


GOTAFE is a large regional provider of vocational education and training (VET) services in Victoria.

GOTAFE aims to become a leading digitally-enabled training provider

GOTAFE sought a digital strategy and roadmap to guide its ambition of becoming a leading digitally-enabled training provider. The digital strategy was to build on education and workforce strategies and a social justice charter.

Nous helped GOTAFE develop a five-year strategy and roadmap

We worked closely with GOTAFE to develop the five-year digital strategy and roadmap for implementation. To understand our starting point, we assessed GOTAFE’s information technology and workforce capabilities and considered how they might look in the future. Through consultations, a survey and further business analysis, we established key business requirements for students, industry, workforce and organisation.

To develop the strategy and roadmap, we:

  1. ran focus groups with students, industry and staff to imagine and describe the desired future experience for GOTAFE
  2. convened a digital summit with key external stakeholders to discuss and test insights
  3. defined 20 digital initiatives across the five-year horizon, including work across technology capability, student and industry experience, workforce skills, organisation optimisation, implementation capability and sustainability targets
  4. tested initiatives with IT suppliers to inform implementation planning and costing.

We translated the strategy into a compelling written story and an engaging animation to enable GOTAFE to spread the word of its digital ambitions to critical stakeholders in an easy-to-understand way. We also assisted with implementation activities, including defining an agile implementation approach, prioritising the first wave of initiatives and achieving enterprise-wide alignment and ownership to enable successful delivery.

Throughout the project we transferred skills and knowledge to GOTAFE staff to enable them to fully own the digital strategy and implementation roadmap.

The digital strategy has set GOTAFE up for success

Nous delivered a practical digital strategy and helped present it to the GOTAFE Board, which endorsed it. The digital strategy will enable GOTAFE to transcend its traditional geographic catchment for education services, leading to improved financial sustainability for the organisation and greater value for the students and industry partners it serves. The digital strategy is now a pillar of GOTAFE’s vision for an exciting future.

What you can learn from GOTAFE

  • Work with stakeholders to understand their requirements and what good solutions look like – don’t drown them in technical detail.
  • Enable people with various roles and perspectives to contribute their thinking on how to make the whole system work better.
  • Look to other industries to improve customer and stakeholder experiences.