Nouser Spotlight – Iris Rattley

Nouser Spotlight – Iris Rattley

Meet Iris Rattley, an Organisational Psychologist and Nous Director

With a PhD in Organisational Psychology, Iris Rattley is a Nous Director based in Sydney. Since joining Nous in 2013 Iris has worked on a range of projects involving leadership development, people strategy and culture change.

Iris says Nous stood out to her because it was clear her psychology expertise was valued and there were colleagues doing interesting work in the space.

We know that no two days are ever the same, but what might you do on a typical day at Nous?

One thing I love about Nous is the variety. At the moment a typical day might involve:

  • building a partnership with a university to inject additional cutting-edge theory into a multi-million-dollar project
  • working with executives of a national regulator to finalise their people strategy and implementation plan
  • designing a leadership development program supporting a significant paradigm shift for a federal agency.

What three words best describe working at Nous?

Exciting, supportive, fun.

What sets the Nous culture apart from the culture of other organisations?

One thing that stands out is our culture of permission. We have great people who have the space to act on new ideas and experiment, and an amazing network of Nousers across the globe for them to tap into (who are very generous with their time and expertise).

Tell us about a moment that reminded why you joined Nous.

A recent highlight was the way Nous navigated the COVID crisis in 2020. The transparency of organisational decision-making, commitment to fairness and sense of solidarity and compassion was outstanding.

What part of working at Nous has most surprised you?

My colleagues – their intelligence, open mindedness, kindness and commitment to quality work.

How does Nous support your career progression?

Our year-on-year growth and quality of clients and projects has facilitated access to amazing opportunities. Nous always does its best to align you to projects that suit your skills, potential and interests. Nous also supported me to obtain my specialist endorsement as an Organisational Psychologist and I actively participate in psychology supervision and practice groups.

How does your work at Nous support clients to improve their organisational performance and leadership?

We take an evidence-based practitioner approach to work with our clients to lift performance and leadership. Often this means significant engagement to ensure we have a clear diagnosis of issues and understanding of our clients’ aspirations. We are honest in our assessments and have tough conversations where we need to – drawing attention and bringing to life issues that may have been ignored or avoided. We couple this with a real focus on people, supporting and equipping leaders and teams to deliver on their organisation’s purpose.

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