Nouser Spotlight – Patricia Mitton

Nouser Spotlight – Patricia Mitton

Meet Patricia Mitton, a Manager in Nous Group’s Toronto office

With a background in the energy industry and an MBA from the University of Toronto, Patricia Mitton is a Manager in the Nous Toronto office. At Nous Patricia is supporting a major Canadian university on a large-scale service transformation.

We know that no two days are ever the same, but what might you do on a typical day at Nous?

A typical day at Nous often involves:

  • collaborative meetings, both with the client and internal teams
  • time (and energy) dedicated to thinking about the problem your solving
  • working on client deliverables and/or contributing to internal projects
  • networking, both within and outside of Nous.

What three words best describe working at Nous?

Genuine, innovative, dynamic.

What opportunities does the growth of Nous in Toronto offer you?

Joining Nous’ Toronto office offered a unique opportunity to work and learn in a fast-paced, start-up-like environment while having the experience and support of an international management consultancy to draw on. I have the agency to make valuable contributions to client work, internal projects, and supporting and growing the team.

What sets the Nous culture apart from the culture of other organisations?

Nous is genuine and inclusive. It’s a place where you can feel comfortable being yourself. Nous has a strong collaborative culture where diverse opinions and perspectives are welcome and respected.

Tell us about the moment you knew you’d made the right decision to join Nous.

I knew I’d made the right decision to join Nous within the first few weeks. In that time I met most of my colleagues and learned about their diverse and interesting backgrounds. I also got a sense for how genuinely kind they are. I learnt about Nous’ impactful projects and was able to get to work right away on an interesting proposal with a team that blew me away with their energy and creative approach.

What part of working at Nous has most surprised you?

Everyone at the organization is very down to earth and networking at any level across Nous is easy to do.

How does Nous support your career progression?

Nous offers ample opportunities for career progression through online learning, organized training sessions, constant feedback, project work, and mentorship programs. However, I’ve found the greatest opportunities for professional development at Nous come directly from colleagues, who are always looking for ways to help me focus on projects or tasks that will build my skills or knowledge in specific areas.

What’s the funniest thing that’s ever happened to you as a consultant at Nous?

Being around so many Australian accents has had such an influence on me that I (embarrassingly) started saying “How ya going?’ instead of “How are you?” at the start of meetings!

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