Accelerating digital transformation in government

Accelerating digital transformation in government


Nous partnered with a state government department to develop a vision and roadmap to accelerate digital transformation.

A state department sought to accelerate digital transformation

Nous was engaged to develop a vision and roadmap to support digital transformation. To create the plan, we leveraged existing knowledge and desktop research on successful digital government programs in other jurisdictions.

We worked to understand public priorities for a digital government

Nous designed and ran a fusion room with about 100 citizens from across the state. The fusion room was an engaging workshop comprising six activities to identify and understand public priorities and concerns in relation to digital government.

Our approach involved a target operating model to shape a vision that could be refined based on research and analysis. Our proven transformation framework was also used to assess best practice.

We uncovered critical enablers for transformation

Nous identified and articulated critical enablers for digital transformation based on best practice from other jurisdictions. Our recommendations represented a bold approach to establish the state as digital government leader and enabled the department to use digital initiatives to modernise service delivery, build capacity and increase operational efficiency. This project delivered a compelling, achievable and measurable vision for digital government that was embraced as a catalyst for change.

What other organisations can learn from the department

  • Create an executive-led specialist digital team to scan for digital opportunities and challenge traditional thinking.
  • Establish business executive accountability for digital innovation, so initiatives are based on business outcomes not technology.
  • Secure dedicated funds as an incentive to identify and solve problems using digital solutions.
  • Put an innovation process in place to evaluate, manage and scale up the pipeline of digital ideas.