Lifting business performance through leadership at QIC

Lifting business performance through leadership at QIC


QIC is a leading global diversified alternatives business with over 600 staff across the globe.

We co-designed a program to take QIC from good to great

Exceptional leadership has always been a core priority for QIC. To enable continued growth and make the most of cross-business opportunities, the organisation recognised the need to do even more to equip its leaders to engage people and lead the business.

What we wanted to create was something that wasn’t a flash-in-the-pan, something that was enduring, supportive yet performance oriented. … We’re setting a high bar, and that’s how the program has been developed.

Our tailored program set a high bar for leaders

QIC developed a leadership blueprint to formalise expectations around quality leadership and behaviours, and focus on specific capabilities to deliver great business outcomes.

To bring the blueprint to life, QIC partnered with Nous Group to co-design the Leadership Excellence program. The program is a 10 month, multi-sensory leadership experience, designed to leverage best practice methodology and research in a way that is highly tailored to QIC’s culture and aspirations, and the individual needs of participants. It includes:

  • real world practise and reflection over a 10-month period
  • 360°assessment at outset and conclusion
  • residential: focused on real-play not role-play
  • informed, provocative video learning
  • custom artefacts to aid ongoing focus
  • coaching through leadership partners
  • customised case studies relevant to the business.

The program lifted confidence, capability and performance

Over 80 leaders completed the program within its first 12 months. The timeline correlated with the QIC’s most profitable year on record. Quantitative feedback also indicates:

  • an 8 per cent increase in leadership capability over the course of the program
  • a 13 per cent increase in leaders’ confidence when dealing with challenging situations
  • increased performance in all key leadership capabilities identified in the Leadership Blueprint.

What other organisations can learn

  • Customise leadership initiatives to align with your culture and goals.
  • Articulate your expectations clearly…then thoughtfully bring them to life.
  • Empower authenticity by recognising that every leader is at a different stage in their journey.