Change management capability improves a water supplier’s return on investment

Change management capability improves a water supplier’s return on investment


Strategy execution required new change management capability

A large government-owned water supplier engaged Nous to build change management capability to deliver its vision and strategic goals. It wanted to develop this capability in its employees and contractors and find an approach that could be integrated into its daily operations.

We co-designed and embedded a tailored change methodology

The methodology needed to suit a technical workforce with a strong engineering background. We leveraged our proprietary change management methodology and toolkit, tailoring it to suit this complex water utility’s needs. Through workshops, consultations and working sessions we adapted the toolkit to fit with existing processes, language, culture and norms.

We taught the methodology to change coaches from across the organisation and formed a community of practice to ensure internal ownership and championship. We built capability through tailored training, action learning and one-on-one coaching to build the coaches’ confidence and skills. This community took on responsibility for refining the change approach over time so it continued to align with business needs.

The new capability accelerated progress of strategic initiatives

Change coaches immediately and consistently applied our leading change approach to projects across the organisation, resulting in demonstrable improvement to the client’s return on project investment.

What you can learn from this organisation

  • Generic change management methods should be expertly tailored to reflect your business’ projects, people and terminology.
  • Create internal ownership of the method from the start by involving a network of champions in its creation, roll-out and maintenance.