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Co-designing an innovation hub to help disadvantaged young people gain independence


Marist180 is a not-for-profit organisation focused on helping at risk young people, their families and communities. Marist180 has 334 staff assisted by 78 volunteers.

We defined how to help disadvantaged young people gain independence

Marist180 partnered with Nous as part of our Community Partnership Scheme 2016 Round to define how it could enable socially and economically disadvantaged young people to develop enterprise skills to help them gain economic independence.

Thanks very much for your guidance and wisdom over the course of the project. I’ve really enjoyed working with you and learning about human-centred design. I know that the Sydney team were very impressed with the workshop you gave and we received great feedback about the young people who were involved.

Steve Williams

Manager Social Innovation and Entrepreneurship, Marist180

We used a human-centred design approach to gain insight into needs and aspirations

Nous and Marist180’s Social Innovation team used a human-centred design approach to gain insight into the needs and aspirations of the young people with whom Marist180 seeks to work with, and developed ideas and designs for potential services to support them. We:

  • co-facilitated a workshop to build the research toolkit
  • provided support during the customer research phase
  • defined insights to facilitating a co-design workshop with young people from the Blacktown skills development centre.

We equipped Marist180 with skills to design services to empower young people

Nous’ partnership with Marist180 developed the organisation’s skills to problem-solve through a human-centred design approach. It also equipped the Social Innovation team with concepts to explore and design in more detail to empower socially and economically disadvantaged people to develop their enterprise skills.

What you can learn from Marist180

  • We can engage traditionally-excluded young people and empower them to pursue a better future with carefully-designed programs that harness motivations.
  • We can develop innovative solutions using a defined scope and broad ambition.
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