Understanding customer expectations to improve the longevity of youth services

Understanding customer expectations to improve the longevity of youth services


Nous partnered with a leading provider of youth recreation and support programs to enable more tailored engagement with, and better experiences for, its diverse customer base.

The organisation sought to reengage its customer base to drive ongoing growth

The organisation wished to develop a holistic understanding of its diverse customer base and their needs, and identify opportunities to improve their service experience through changes to front office and digital channels. Nous was engaged to address the capability requirements which will enable the organisation to better understand, engage with and tailor offerings to customers, to drive new growth, retention and increased share of wallet.

We co-designed the ideal customer experience

Nous applied customer centric, fast design principles to complete the work in a short span of ten weeks, which included three iterative phases.

Phase 1 – Focused on quantitative analysis and consultations with staff. This included site visits across the state to build a preliminary picture of the customer base and identify areas for customer study.

Phase 2 – Undertook market research on touchpoints across the end-to-end customer journey. The research was used as an input into multiple co-design workshops to shape the ideal experience for the different service lines.

Phase 3 – Developed a prioritised implementation plan, based on the renewed understanding of the needs of customers, and the opportunities to improve their experience. The iterative implementation plan proposed initiatives to boost acquisition of customers; tailoring of the product portfolio; as well as significant changes in the front office system, processes and enhancements to digital channels.

Our implementation plan set out a road map to success

The research uncovered the strength of the organisation’s brand in the market; the co-design revealed the ideal experience; and the implementation plan gave the client a practical road map to improvement. These digital initiatives are being brought together in a separate information and communication technology (ICT) business case that will guide implementation.

What other organisations can learn

  • Maintaining a deep understanding of the customer base is critical to the success and longevity of any organisation.
  • Improving customer management capabilities can fast track achievement of the ideal customer experience.
  • A fast design process can deliver significant outcomes in a short period of time.