A new digital strategy for the Administrative Appeals Tribunal to improve the user experience

A new digital strategy for the Administrative Appeals Tribunal to improve the user experience


The Administrative Appeals Tribunal (AAT) independently reviews a wide range of decisions made by the Australian Government.

A new digital strategy to increase the efficiency of AAT

Following a restructure, the new AAT sought to improve the experience of internal and external users and enhance its effectiveness and efficiency in hearing and triaging cases.

We mapped user experience using a fast strategy approach

Nous worked with AAT to develop a new digital strategy using a fast strategy approach across three sprints. We:

  1. reviewed and analysed the current digital environment and future requirements, journey-mapping the user experience from the decision to be reviewed to the hearing and publishing outcomes
  2. analysed client data to identify and prioritise initiatives to support the transition to a future digital environment, projecting possible benefits
  3. finalised the report, including a high-level implementation plan.

Our strategy outlined challenges for the Tribunal and users from external agencies, departments and applicants, including a visually engaging journey map, a representation of the future state digital architecture, and 14 digital initiatives to achieve this state, including costings and benefits.

The new strategy articulates clear actions for the next four years

The new digital strategy can improve the user experience of AAT stakeholders by:

  • streamlining case workflow, documents storage and resource scheduling
  • enabling electronic storage, manipulation and reviews of all case document
  • enabling case events to be conducted digitally.

What other organisations can learn

  • A fast strategy approach can deliver insights and results quickly and efficiently.
  • Understanding the entire user journey enables the optimisation of their experience.
  • Digitisation and automation can significantly increase effectiveness and efficiency.