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Enhancing the employee on-boarding experience at a 'big four' bank


Nous partnered with a 'big four' bank to develop a new employee on-boarding process and service design blueprint to enhance the employee experience.

We utilised a human-centred design approach to shape the solution

In the context of a broader recruitment review, the bank engaged Nous to develop a positive contingent employee on-boarding process and service design blueprint to enhance the on-boarding experience. Nous used a human-centred design approach to hone in on the employee experience.

We created a service design blueprint in the form of a journey map

Nous engaged representatives from four key user groups over four weeks to create a service design blueprint.

The ‘design sprint’ process involved:

  1. a design studio session, which revealed four key opportunities to improve the current offer experience. This helped shape a user experience journey map and a number of wireframe concepts for a ‘blue sky’ on-boarding portal solution and an alternative on-boarding microsite solution
  2. presentation of prototypes through storytelling. The project team chose to pursue the smaller scale microsite option on the basis that they could more readily leverage existing resources to deliver this solution
  3. testing both solutions with representatives from the four key user groups to identify further user experience requirements and ensure that the service design blueprint would be fit-for-purpose
  4. combining insights from the week of engagement activities to develop the final service design blueprint in the form of a journey map, which outlined both the ‘blue sky’ portal solution and the smaller scale microsite solution.

Our solution will streamline the on-boarding experience for new employees

Nous presented the service design blueprint to the bank, along with the wireframe concepts. The bank reported that the solution not only provided immediate value, but also had obvious ties into the broader recruitment solution under development.

Implementation of the solution will help the bank both improve the experience of new employees, and fast track their ability to make meaningful contributions to the businesses success.

What other organisations can learn

  • Journey maps are a powerful tool to identify user interactions and opportunities to improve the experience.
  • User testing sessions can help to identify and refine user experience requirements.
  • Wireframes can save time and money in the testing and design phase.
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