An overhaul of eye care services to adapt to an ageing population

An overhaul of eye care services to adapt to an ageing population


The Vale of York Clinical Commissioning Group (CCG) is a National Health Service (NHS) organisation comprised of member generational practitioner (GP) practices and other stakeholders. It monitors the planning and design of health care services for more than 351,000 patients in York and nearby areas, as well as distributing NHS funding for secondary and other providers.

Nous helped Vale of York CCG work with its system partners to improve eye care services

An ageing population, new treatments and changing provider capabilities and capacity compelled the CCG to review its delivery of eye care services in the Vale of York. The CCG sought advice from Nous to determine the right path to take and where to focus its energies and resources.

Our review gave clear guidance on how to better meet demand for eye care

Nous conducted extensive research, analysed secondary care and community care data and consulted with a wide range of system participants to provide the CCG with:

  • a comprehensive, patient-centric picture of current eye care in the Vale of York
  • future demand drivers and their potential effects on service provision
  • recommendations on how the CCG could create optimal pathways and service models to meet demand.

We mapped our recommendations against the NHS Change Model and created a clear implementation pathway, based on ease-of-implementation and significance-of-impact.

Our implementation pathway is transforming how eye care is delivered

Our implementation pathway enabled the CCG to overhaul how eye care is delivered in the Vale of York at a system-wide level. Beyond the specific changes and improvements underway, this initiative has been notable in the way it brought together a wide range of stakeholders. Together this diverse group is building a shared approach to ensure the CCG can meet demand now and prepare for increasing demand in the future, whilst maintaining the quality and service levels its populations expect.

What other organisations can learn

  • Understand changing demand drivers to improve service delivery.
  • Take a user-centric view of health services to truly evaluate them.
  • Ensure implementation steps are specific, easy-to-implement and impactful.