Major operational transformation to improve efficiency and customer value

Major operational transformation to improve efficiency and customer value


Our client is a public trustee company with over $60m revenue. The organisation provides legal and financial services to citizens and thereby security and peace of mind in difficult times.

Nous helped the organisation turn around escalating costs and flat revenues

Faced with escalating costs and flat revenues, the organisation sought a new target operating model that would turn around this trend and cut costs while delivering a more compelling customer value proposition to the market.

A new operating model delivered more value to customers

Nous worked with the organisation over nine weeks to analyse its entire business and build a new, clear target operating model to transform its performance. We:

  • analysed the organisation’s customers, products, workforce and core processes; then redesigned each to deliver a compelling value proposition and efficient operations
  • brought together existing thinking and new insights to determine and recommend changes to outsourcing, partnership and decentralisation arrangements; as well as new technology solutions
  • developed a digital transformation plan and an overall 12-month implementation plan.

We also developed a comprehensive change management approach and benefits realisation framework – including targets, processes and systems – that addressed products, workforce, leadership, culture and core processes.

Our new operating model realised millions in savings

Our business transformation resulted in over $4m net financial improvement per annum against a target of $3.09m. The organisation has also reported improvements in employee engagement, turnover and absenteeism; operational performance; and client experience, due to lower costs, less cycle time and higher quality services.

What other organisations can learn

  • Organisational transformation, if well-designed and executed, can deliver millions in financial savings
  • Improved operational efficiency directly results in higher customer satisfaction
  • Leadership and culture are integral elements of organisational transformation.