Mind Australia puts customers at the centre of its new digital strategy

Mind Australia puts customers at the centre of its new digital strategy


Mind Australia is a community-managed mental health service provider that each year supports about 9,000 people dealing with the daily impacts of mental illness, along with their families, friends and carers. It includes residential services as well as centre-based and outreach services.

The NDIS created challenges and opportunities

Mind knew it had to adapt how it met clients’ needs in order to tap into the opportunities and face the challenges created by the National Disability Insurance Scheme (NDIS). It sought an organisation-wide view of how it could improve its customers’ experience to meet their changing expectations.

Central to this change was a customer-centric digital strategy that would help Mind to personalise and differentiate its service delivery, strengthen its position in residential services, grow into new markets and enhance staff productivity.

Redesigning Mind’s digital strategy was a big challenge so we needed a partner we could trust. Nous stood apart from others because it put the customer at the centre of its digital strategy. The Nous team helped us think through how digital will enable Mind to improve its customer experience and grow to new markets, while also being more efficient.

Simon Wrigley 

Executive Director Business Services

The future experience was crafted through co-design

Nous worked with Mind to develop a customer-centric digital strategy in three stages:

  1. We confirmed the vision and objectives, then created a shared understanding of customers’ expectations through analysing customer data and services segments and conducting focus groups to identify pain points.
  2. We co-designed the future customer experience and identified the required changes to process, technology and organisation. This involved three workshops with clients and staff to develop ideas for customer-facing channels, business processes and customer management systems.
  3. We developed a prioritised list of actions and an investment roadmap. Each investment was assessed for impact on capital expenditure and operating expenditure.

After each step we presented the results to the senior executive group to keep it informed of progress, transfer learnings and test ideas. Twice we presented to the board.

Our new strategy is being put into operation

Mind Australia is putting the new digital strategy into action with a clear governance model to coordinate initiatives.

Changes involve new technology to support customers (including digital solutions and tools to navigate services), assisted self-service options, predictive analytics and better integration behind the scenes. This will deliver a consistent customer experience across all services, where customers feel informed and empowered and staff can spend more time with them.

Mind is using the strategy to expand its market share in the new environment created by the NDIS, while also improving staff productivity.

What you can learn from Mind

  • Embracing digital must involve a cohesive strategy rather than just deploying new technologies.
  • Co-designing the future experience with stakeholders will ensure it best meets users’ needs.
  • Prioritised actions, an investment plan and the right governance are critical to implementing a new digital strategy.