A new strategy positions WA Deaf Society for growth

A new strategy positions WA Deaf Society for growth


WA Deaf Society is a not-for-profit organisation established in 1921 to provide services to Deaf and hard of hearing people in Western Australia (WA); including interpreting, employment services and community services.

Nous helped WA Deaf Society refresh its strategy

WA Deaf Society was facing changing community needs and expectations, and new opportunities presented by the National Disability Insurance Scheme’s introduction. Nous worked with WA Deaf Society as part of our Community Partnership Scheme 2016 Round to develop a new strategic direction and identify areas for growth over the short-, medium- and long-term.

Our in-depth analysis revealed areas for growth

Nous helped WA Deaf Society’s board articulate its new strategic direction. We:

  1. led robust discussions with WA Deaf Society’s board; drawing on rich feedback from staff, customers and community members
  2. conducted in-depth financial analysis, market analysis and peer benchmarking
  3. reviewed WA Deaf Society’s performance across key organisational enablers.

We provided a roadmap to support execution of the new strategy

To enable WA Deaf Society to deliver on the new strategic plan, Nous’ review identified and prioritised key organisational readiness actions required over 18 months, along with detailed work plans for each change initiative and a recommended governance model to deliver these changes. This formed an overall roadmap for change. Our recommendations will enable WA Deaf Society to sustain and grow its position within WA’s changing landscape of disability services.

What other organisations can learn:

  • The changing health and disability landscape means service providers require a clear strategy to take advantage of new opportunities.
  • Strategy execution requires alignment of organisational enablers.
  • Prioritisation is central to building organisational readiness.