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Organisational structure workshop for a national not-for-profit organisation


We helped a not-for-profit organisation understand the implications of a national merger

As part of Nous’ Community Partnership Scheme we facilitated a workshop for a national not-for-profit organisation providing services to women, families and youth through leadership programs, low-cost housing, and employment and training services. The workshop was to assist the executive group to design a new national, organisational structure; and to understand the financial implications of a merger of regional offices.

We designed a workshop that framed the new organisational structure

Our workshop brought key executives from regional offices together with national office executive staff. It was structured around a set of design principles calculated to satisfy two key tests of organisational design:

  1. Drivers of fit: how well does the new structure fit the cultural and strategic context?
  2. Realisation of merger benefits: how does the new structure enable the realisation of the merger benefits?

During the workshop participants developed their ideas and defined key requirements for a national organisational structure. They shared their views on the structure, benefits and perceived pitfalls of a merged national structure.

The workshop enabled stakeholder buy-in to a new structure

Our workshop resulted in a high level draft organisational structure that would be socialised with regional executive groups and from which costings could be drawn, informing the next steps toward a national merger.

What you can learn from this project

  • Not-for-profit organisations have particular structural and financial considerations.
  • Working with multi-level organisations requires sensitivity.
  • Stakeholder engagement is vital for issues understanding and buy-in during an organisational re-structure.
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