A new operating model to improve and sustain client services

A new operating model to improve and sustain client services


New South Wales Trustee & Guardian (NSWTG) is a state government organisation that acts as an independent and impartial executor, administrator, attorney and trustee for the people of NSW.

A complete transformation to address client, organisational and financial challenges

NSWTG sought a complete transformation to adjust to their clients’ changing profile, needs and expectations, especially due to the ageing population. They also sought to unify disconnected processes and functions that had resulted from a merger and rectify a multi-million dollar shortfall to ensure continued services to vulnerable clients.

The executive and I have never worked with a consulting team like Nous. They shared our passion for better outcomes for clients; they said they would be tough and honest with us, and they were; they said they would transfer skills and develop our people, and they did; and they promised to stick with us through the whole journey and did.

Imelda Dodds

Chief Executive Officer, New South Wales Trustee & Guardian, 2009-2016

Customer focus and internal capability were key inputs into the strategy

Nous co-led a significant transformation over 15 months, while NSWTG built the capability to drive it. As part of the process we:

  • developed a new mission, vision, strategy, target operating model and integrated business case for six work streams and 25 projects to deliver it
  • led transformation projects in service delivery, organisational structure, digital strategy, financial capability and reporting, marketing, culture and leadership
  • redesigned NSWTG’s service delivery model to a centralised model, addressing services challenges including timeliness, consistency and staff accessibility, underpinned by a new customer experience statement.

The program led to a substantial increase in internal capability and performance

The new service delivery model, while in its infancy, shows encouraging signs of improved services and greater client satisfaction. It will also facilitate substantial cost reduction.

We significantly built NSWTG’s staff’s capability, and transferred ownership of the transformation through building analytical and engagement skills and project management capability.

What other organisations can learn

  • A beneficial customer change can address other challenges, including organisational and financial.
  • Transformations require persistence.
  • A focus on skills transfer and building internal capability drives transformation.