A new organisational design for an energy provider

A new organisational design for an energy provider


Nous delivered a whole-of-organisation redesign and consolidation exercise for a state energy provider. The impetus for the review was a new organisational strategy that responded to key challenges facing the energy supply industry across Australia including electricity prices and resourcing constraints.

A key objective of the restructure was to shift focus from supporting delivery of an intensive capital program to focusing on future asset optimisation and utilisation. It also aimed to achieve efficiency through consolidation of the organisation’s management ranks.

Our approach emphasised meaningful engagement to minimise workforce disruption

The project needed to carefully manage workforce impacts and minimise disruption to service delivery and operational productivity. We designed an approach that emphasised meaningful engagement across management levels and built upon shared principles for successful performance and a positive culture. Leaders participated in a series of co-design workshops to set design parameters, identify structural options, and debate relative merits and trade-offs. These sessions began at executive level and cascaded to progressively deeper levels within the organisation, involving a broader cohort of the management.

Our design refocused the organisation and achieved a 20% reduction in management overhead

Our work resulted in an organisation design that will accelerate execution of the new strategy. The restructure delivered a 20% consolidation across the management cohort without impacting organisational effectiveness, while also achieving the broad support and buy-in of the workforce. The organisation was left confident to internally lead the implementation, drawing on our roadmap.