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Product co-design to pursue a new growth agenda at a leading insurance company


Nous partnered with a leading insurance company to design, develop, test and launch of a suite of innovative products for members.

Two new products co-designed with customers

The company was pursuing a new growth agenda in home services. This required the design, development, testing and launch of a suite of innovative products for members.

A three-stage, iterative approach resulted in customer-validated products

Nous’ approach blended market analysis with customer co-design, iterative development of digital prototypes and a comprehensive financial model and business case based on insights from the market testing of prototypes.

For each product, we undertook the analysis in a three stages.

The first stage of problem-solution fit aimed to deeply understand the customer segments, unique requirements and expectations of each segment and identifying the fit of the various customer problems with the client brand, risk, capability, capacity and market demand. This was followed by co-design session with the customers and other home services providers to develop potential solutions to selected customer problems.

The second stage of product-market fit allowed the Nous team to iteratively test various ‘products’ that could meet the customer need. In this stage we rapidly tested the value proposition, customer experience and the service delivery model in less than 4 weeks, using channels such as Facebook and full in-market test of the service with over 10,000 customers. In this process, Nous team worked with the client’s marketing, legal, finance, analytics, IT vendor and other market research organisations to quickly develop the minimum viable product prototype (MVP) for the digital ordering platform and project manage a full in-market test of the paid service.

The final stage focussed on finding the business model fit. The Nous team developed a comprehensive financial model based on the results of the MVP tests and modelled multiple scenarios based on various service deliver models such as crowd-sourced delivery, fully owned service delivery chain, accredited or franchised delivery model etc.  This analysis was critical in selecting the appropriate service delivery model.

The new products will help the organisation lead the market

The three stages of this project developed a customer validated value proposition and operating model which has a high chance of success. The Board members of this organisation confidently supported the recommended implementation plan backed by evidence from rapid testing of various prototypes.

What other organisations can learn

  • Customer and staff co-design is an efficient way to develop product prototypes that customers love and the business can deliver.
  • Integrating sophisticated research techniques into the design process results in robust testing of assumptions and results in a stronger business case.
  • Through rapid design techniques and smart analysis, new product opportunities can be identified, developed, market tested with modest investment and in a very short timeframe.
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