Sprints to redesign experiences for small retail businesses

Sprints to redesign experiences for small retail businesses


The Victorian Department of Economic Development, Jobs, Transport and Resources (DEDJTR) works to improve the lives and prosperity of Victorians by sustainably growing Victoria’s economy and employment and fostering innovation, creativity, productivity, investment and trade.

DEDJTR strived to make it easier to do business in Victoria

DEDJTR sought to develop policy and regulatory options to make it easier for small retail businesses to operate in Victoria; where they were hindered by inappropriate, inefficient and ineffective requirements. They particularly sought improvement to information access, approval processes and food safety regulations.

Design sprints quickly built consensus around a new experience for businesses

Nous Group (Nous) coordinated and developed a design sprint for each hotspot area. The sprints included participants from all system components to obtain rounded perspectives, insights and ideas. Each sprint blended system, service, product and organisational design to develop, test, iterate and build out system-level solutions in less than a week. Through these sprints we developed a solution that led to a redesign of the end-to-end small retail business experience; through system, product and service design.

An empowering process that actually delivered something. It was so great to actually work together across departments rather than talk and pretend we were working together. If I had tried to work independently on this project it would have taken over 12 months of meetings and wrangling to get anywhere near the consensus we reached in four days.

Victorian Department of Economic Development, Jobs, Transport and Resources Victorian Department of Health and Human Services

The options set the government’s reform agenda for small retail businesses

Our solution is being implemented throughout Victoria through the Small Business Regulation Review (Retail Sector) Draft Action Statement, which is now published for public comment, and which incorporates all of Nous’ solutions. It can be found at this link.

What you can learn from DEDJTR

  • Sprints are a powerful way to quickly build consensus provided the right stakeholders participate at the right level.
  • Regulatory challenges can be addressed through user experience solutions rather than regulatory amendment.
  • Digital solutions provide a scalable and enduring way to transform user experiences with government services.