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CEDA event explores what’s next for mental health policy


How can we implement reforms and improve outcomes in mental health? That was the topic on the agenda at a 26 November livestream event hosted by CEDA and sponsored by Nous Group.

The event, the final in CEDA’s 2021 Mental Health series, sought to understand the implications of announced reforms and record investments in the sector, and consider the practical way forward for those delivering services as the National Mental Health and Suicide Prevention Plan is finalised.

The livestream was chaired by Nous Principal Tim Marney, who brought deep experience in mental health system and service design and implementation. Joining Tim on the panel were Dr Leanne Beagley, Chief Executive Officer, Mental Health Australia; John Brogden AM, Chairman, Lifeline Australia; and Helen Christensen AO, Chief Scientist, Black Dog Institute.

You can watch the event here:

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