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Forecasting the social return on investment of central Australian youth programs


Nous Group recently undertook a study for the Central Australian Youth Link-Up Service (CAYLUS) on the social return on investment (SROI) of youth programs in remote central Australia. The report found that for every dollar invested in the programs, up to $4.50 in social value is created. This study forms one component of ongoing monitoring and evaluation of youth programs in remote central Australia.

The value of youth programs has not always been well understood. This report clearly demonstrates the significant value of the youth programs to participants, as well as to families, communities and the broader education, health and justice systems.

Follow the link below to read the entire report.

Front cover of the report showing two children playing with a football

Nous actively contributes to the work of charitable and community organisations through our Community Partnership Scheme. Through the Community Partnership Scheme, Nous partners with not-for-profit organisations like CAYLUS to deliver discounted consulting projects that they may not otherwise be able to afford

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