Introducing our newly promoted Nousers

Introducing our newly promoted Nousers


At the end of 2019, we were delighted to award a number of promotions across Nous, in recognition of the performance, contribution and professional growth of this group of individuals.

Those who have been promoted at Principal or Director level are listed below:

Rachael Cronin, Brisbane, promoted to Principal

Virginia Kane, Brisbane, promoted to Director

Tim Kennedy, Toronto, promoted to Director

Will Prothero, Canberra, promoted to Director

Jo Rossiter, Canberra, promoted to Director

Christine Samy, Melbourne, promoted to Director

Paul Taylor, Canberra, promoted to Director

Michael van Koesveld, Perth, promoted to Director

An additional eight Nousers were promoted to Senior Consultant and three of our corporate team members received promotions.

We were also pleased to appoint Peter Ellis, Director from our Melbourne office, as our first Chief Data Scientist. Peter’s unique blend of technical skills and strategic leadership position him well to lead the continued growth of our data analytics practice.

Although we don’t put a lot of emphasis on titles in Nous, we celebrate growth and recognise and reward the achievements of our people. Congratulations to all!