Nous and Learn Amp team up for award-winning learning and development experience

Nous and Learn Amp team up for award-winning learning and development experience


We have always strived to find fresh and innovative ways to deliver learning and development opportunities to our team of more than 500 people across the world. 

Now we are thrilled to see our partnership with online learning tool Learn Amp has won the HR Tech Award for Best SMB-Focused Solution. 

The award honoured our innovative use of the Learn Amp platform to give our rapidly growing team tools to upskill themselves in an autonomous, flexible learning environment. 

As we welcome more than 100 new starters in 2022, our use of Learn Amp is allowing us to build and roll out an onboarding and induction program that is reducing time-to-productivity and immersing new hires in our unique culture. 

Embedding Learn Amp, a platform that delivers and tracks learning, has been part of our shift to blended learning that is high quality, delivered just in time and requires minimal administration.  

Tanya Day, Nous’ Head of Resourcing and Organisation Development, said the HR Tech Award was a welcome celebration of the partnership between Learn Amp and Nous. 

“As a result of introducing Learn Amp, we’re now able to embed evidence-based learning techniques in our learning design and delivery, to get better learning outcomes,” she said. 

“We know that one reason people join the Nous team is for the great opportunities for learning and development. With our team spread far and wide across the world, a sophisticated online learning platform is essential. This system is helping our people take the next step on their professional pathway.” 

Alice Menhennet, Head of Customer Success at Learn Amp, said she was pleased to see the ways Nous has made use of Learn Amp’s platform. 

“With the new platform, every Nous consultant had a unified and engaging employee experience, no matter which time zone they were in,” she said. 

“Nous also used the platform to move all their learning programs to a flipped classroom approach, to make their virtual and hybrid learning sessions more enjoyable and impactful.” 

As well as delivering quality learning experiences to its own team, Nous is using Learn Amp to deliver to clients branded learning platform accounts, for use in leadership assessment and development.

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Published on 2 June 2022.