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Your Nous account

When you start at Nous you are given a Nous account, which gives you access to most of our systems. Nous uses a system called Okta for single sign-on, which means you use your Nous email address and one password to access many applications, as well as logging into your Nous computer. This means you only need to remember one password at any given time!

Go to to see all the applications you have access to. This is an important URL to remember. You can use it to:

  • Access most Nous systems via single sign-on, when you are either in the office, or offsite
  • Reset your password if you forget it (to do this, click "Need help signing in?", below the blue "Sign In" button)
  • Unlock your account if you have entered the wrong password too many times
  • This is what the Okta login screen looks like. Whenever you see this screen, you should use your full Nous email address and password to login.

(NB: be careful to use the correct email address! Generally, for some longer terms Australian Nousers and for Housers)

Please contact IT for further assistance.


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