Nous throws support behind Vinnies CEO Sleepout

Nous throws support behind Vinnies CEO Sleepout


With a track record advising government and non-profit organisations in their efforts to combat homelessness, Nous Group is proud this year to be a corporate sponsor of the Vinnies CEO Sleepout and is supporting three of our female leaders who will join the CEO Sleepout in Sydney.

At the Vinnies CEO Sleepout on June 20, Nous Principals Deanna Paulin and Kelly Samson and Director Monique Jackson will join with hundreds of leaders from organisations across Australia in showing their support for ending the cycle of homelessness. The trio are raising funds through colleagues, family and friends to support the work done by the St Vincent de Paul Society. Nous is also contributing $60,000 to the cause through a matched-funding initiative.

Deanna, a co-leader of Nous’ Organisational Performance and Leadership Practice, said homelessness was part of a complex web of problems affecting many people experiencing social disadvantage.

“Every night more than 116,000 Australians are sleeping rough or in insecure housing, so all of us who care about creating a just society have an obligation to take action. Housing and homelessness is a complex issue with huge consequences for individuals, communities and the economy.”

Nous’ support as a Sydney event sponsor aligns with our consulting work with the St Vincent de Paul Society NSW.

Kelly, the leader of Nous’ Sydney office, said Nous is pleased to be working with the St Vincent de Paul Society NSW on implementing its three-year strategic plan, which sets out an ambitious agenda for organisational change.

“We know that combatting homelessness is not easy, and relies on organisations at the front line having the professional structures and capabilities to operate at their best. Through our work with the Society we are pleased to help it to build on the important work it has done for more than 130 years.”

Monique, an advisor in human services, said the Vinnies CEO Sleepout was prompting participants to think more about the experiences of people living with social exclusion.

“For us it is one mid-winter night sleeping rough, but for many people this is life. It is vital that we understand the human impact of homelessness, and then work to achieve the systemic changes that are needed to keep people safe and secure.”

Donations for the Society via the Nous Group team can be made on Nous’ CEO Sleepout fundraising page.

Monique Jackson, Deanna Paulin and Kelly Samson standing together in Nous' Sydney office

Monique Jackson, Deanna Paulin and Kelly Samson will join the CEO Sleepout in Sydney