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Alea Young

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Alea is a passionate consultant with strong communication and problem-solving skills.

Coming from a multicultural background, Alea is highly adaptable and an inclusive collaborator. She is driven to deliver excellent results and make a community-wide positive impact. Alea has previous experience working in private equity and the consulting industry.

Influential work

  • Assisted in the acquisition of a multi-million-dollar educational business by conducting due diligence and developing an investment pitch
  • Re-structured an organisation's financial statements and budgeting process to improve efficiency and operational transparency for stakeholders
  • Developed new products and marketing strategies for a women's healthcare start-up by conducting one-on-one interviews and generating insights into the target demographic
  • Assessed the end-to-end user-flow experience of a corporate web application to identify bugs and areas of enhancement
  • Created a customer experience index that allowed the client to better position itself against competitors and increase customer satisfaction.

Outside of Nous

Alea is a recent Commerce graduate from the University of Melbourne, majoring in economics and finance. During her time at university, Alea was involved in a pro-bono consulting club, BusinessOne, as well as the University of Melbourne Student Union. She has interned at Accenture, a global consulting company specialising in technology services, and Riverlane Capital, one of Australia's first search funds.

Alea volunteers for not-for-profit organisation CHASE, which focuses on improving health literacy for students living in lower socio-economy areas. As CFO, Alea has led the implementation of policies that ensured the operational efficiency and growth of CHASE.

In her spare time...

Alea is a foodie and enjoys trying out new restaurants with friends. She has two Pomeranian dogs and is devoted to the upkeep of their high-maintenance coat.

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