Alissa Sharuda

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Alissa is a rigorous consultant who is talented at problem solving and data analysis.

She is passionate about inclusivity and globalisation. She is a graduate of Rotman Commerce, University of Toronto. Coming from Western Europe and constantly moving countries, her multiculturalism makes her a productive collaborator and someone who can explain complex ideas to people from different backgrounds. 

Influential work

  • Conducted in-depth analysis about possible expansion and transformation of several private companies based on their financials, comparables and competitors’ outlooks 
  • Supervised a project with a focus on showcasing the post-COVID transformative power of online platforms and their expansive marketing capabilities 
  • Managed a six-strong university marketing team to aid in the personal and professional development of young women and to empower them with confidence to succeed in business  
  • Analysed payment and financial sector trends and how the changes could disrupt the stagnant industry in the long term. 

Outside of Nous

Before joining Nous, Alissa interned in multinational advertising agencies like BBDO and several small to mid-size start-ups in industries like tourism and FinTech. She has diverse skills, including analytics, calculating financial models, preparing presentations and leading clients.

Alissa volunteers for film festivals and city events, helping coordinate timelines and educating visitors about the festival’s program and background.

Alissa holds a Bachelor (Honours) of Commerce from Rotman Commerce at the University of Toronto, where she specialized in Management and focused on finance, marketing and international business.

In her spare time...

In winter Alissa enjoys snowboarding and in summer wakesurfing and wakeboarding and spending time outside. She also enjoys painting and drawing and reading non-fiction. 


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