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Andrew Jamieson

Senior Consultant
Andrew combines systems engineering with business intelligence and data analysis techniques to drive robust data-driven decision-making.

He brings over five years of experience in defence, intelligence and health, having engaged in every level of projects from bespoke system development to evaluating multi-billion-dollar tenders. Andrew is confident in data analysis, systems engineering, stakeholder management and strategic frameworks. 

Influential work

  • Compiled tailored evaluations of COVID-19 health data, leading to a change in public policy regarding exposure locations  
  • Developed a numerical optimisation model for new predictive intelligence capability  
  • Developed requirements for an evaluation of multi-billion-dollar defence tender  
  • Facilitated transition towards more automated database management approach at ACT Health during COVID-19 lockdown  
  • Reviewed and evaluated federal government department’s adherence to the Australian Signals Directorate’s Essential Eight, providing recommendations for remediation actions. 

Outside of Nous

Andrew's previously held a range of public service jobs, including intelligence analyst, cyber specialist and satellite systems engineer. He has consistently shown a strong passion for improving organisations' data literacy, automated processing and data-driven decision-making.  

Andrew has a Bachelor of Engineering (research and development) and a Bachelor of Science from the Australian National University, for which he received the University Medal. 

In his spare time...

Andrew maintains a very busy social life, including swing dancing and performing magic. When he has the time, he enjoys board games, hiking, cycling and other outdoor activities. 

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