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Andrew May

Senior Consultant
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Andrew combines eight years of clinical medicine with the passion to improve health systems via engagement with all levels of collaboration.

 He has worked broadly across the health sector, including in public and private organisations; rural, regional and metropolitan health networks; and adult and paediatric services. Through collaboration with the multi-disciplinary health network, the medical education unit, operations, and clinical and translational research; Andrew brings a relationships-focus to quality and systems improvement. 

Influential work

  • Led investigation of a more efficient way to use silver dressings in burns units with less wastage, reducing economic and environmental costs without compromising care and being published in in the Australian and New Zealand (ANZ) Journal of Surgery 
  • Led a pilot study that defined the overall quality of life benefit for people undergoing skin excess removal procedures after weight loss to increase funding and therefore access in the public hospital system. 

Outside of Nous

Prior to working at Nous, Andrew spent time as a surgical registrar, working in the burns and plastic surgery units. He has a prior allied health background as a clinical pharmacist. 

Andrew holds a Master of Surgery from the University of Sydney; and Bachelors of Medicine, Surgery and Pharmacy from University of Queensland. 

In his spare time...

Andrew is as happy sipping a cappuccino as he is navigating the Swiss Alps. When not travelling he can be found in the garage, tinkering with his classic car. 


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