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Anna Brooks

Anna is a consultant with experience in economic modelling and data analytics. She has worked on housing and land management projects for government departments, corporate bodies and Indigenous communities.

She has experience working and volunteering in diverse environments, including remote Indigenous communities in Western Australia. She has extensive experience conducting stakeholder consultation in sensitive environments.

Influential work

  • Conducted a cost-benefit analysis of programs addressing homelessness to assist in meeting the New South Wales premier’s priority of reducing rough sleeping by 50% by 2025
  • Conducted research and consultation on cultural history and connectedness to country for a remote Indigenous community proposed for mining development, analysing data for a social impact assessment
  • Worked on the 2016 Australian Census, ensuring that members of remote Indigenous communities in WA were correctly documented, which was crucial to securing federal funding to ensure the communities remain open and functioning
  • Worked as a volunteer receptionist for Medicines Sans Frontiers’ Sydney office.

Outside of Nous

Anna holds a Bachelor of Economics from The University of Sydney.

In her spare time...

Anna loves picnics, camping and bush walking on the South Coast. She enjoys finding new crafty hobbies like knitting and origami. She has ambitions to become a chess player!

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