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Anthony Wong

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Anthony is a highly adaptable consultant whose diverse academic background helps him to take a multifaceted approach to problem solving.

He combines the quantitative analytical skills fostered in his engineering studies with a keen social consciousness developed in his science degree. Anthony enjoys synthesising quantitative and qualitative data to develop actionable insights and has an interest in creating better societies by enabling businesses to be more altruistic.

Influential work

  • Conducted quantitative and qualitative analysis to evaluate the implementation of a flagship industry development policy; including through engaging with a range of Australian businesses in the energy, manufacturing and construction sectors
  • Undertook broad stakeholder consultation across the justice sector to develop a future-state service delivery and operating model for a new court development and create the blueprint for the delivery of justice services across Victoria
  • Reviewed the judicial support model of a state’s superior court and developed a refreshed operating structure to respond to judicial needs and efficiency imperatives
  • Developed a best-practice model for kindergarten enrolments for local governments across Victoria
  • Created a disability response capability framework for all Victorian public servants through extensive stakeholder consultations.

Outside of Nous

Before joining Nous Anthony was an analyst at Deloitte’s technology consulting practice and an environmental analyst at a leading New Zealand engineering consultancy. He also held leadership positions in Engineers Without Borders New Zealand and Effective Altruism Auckland, in both of which he still has an active interest.

Anthony holds a double degree in a Bachelor of Engineering (Honours in chemical and materials engineering) and a Bachelor of Science (environmental science and psychology).

In his spare time...

Anthony enjoys the outdoors and travelling. He is an avid photographer and loves to capture these adventures. He also plays canoe polo and likes kayaking.

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