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Ashley Cooke

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Ashley brings considerable experience improving organisational performance through process redesign and behavioural change across sectors.

He is passionate about evidence-based policy and in more recent years has worked in the not-for-profit and government sectors designing and evaluating new interventions. Ashley is a critical thinker and a collaborative problem-solver.

Influential work

  • Led a process redesign in the procurement function of a global brewery and conducted an options analysis that identified technical solutions to automate the redesigned process
  • Delivered people-centred operational excellence programs with team managers to embed organisational transformations in the utilities and finance sectors, typically releasing 15-20% capacity
  • Provided project management capability to support the design of a nuclear energy client’s new operating model and IT architecture
  • Collaborated with a behavioural insights team to deliver randomised control trials that evaluated the impact of nudge interventions in the youth sector
  • Worked with leading British youth sector organisations such as British computer Raspberry Pi to design new interventions.

Outside of Nous

Prior to joining Nous, Ashley was a program manager at the National Citizen Service – a London-based not-for-profit responsible for delivering a four-week extracurricular program to 100,000 sixteen-year-olds across England each year, with the aim of improving social cohesion, social mobility, and civic engagement in British society. Before that, Ashley was a consultant at PwC in their Operational Performance Improvement team.

Ashley holds a Bachelor of Arts (Honours in history) from the University of Oxford.

In his spare time...

Ashley enjoys reading, going to gigs, watching films at Cinema Nova and exploring the great Australian outdoors with his partner.

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