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Bella Schultz

Senior Consultant
Bella has experience in sustainability, international development and agriculture at local, national and international levels.

She is a critical thinker with strong interpersonal skills and an eye for detail that has helped her deliver quality recommendations for her research partners. She brings experience and expertise in impact assessment, complex stakeholder engagement, project design and cross-cultural communication.

Influential work

  • Coordinated a research project that investigated the impact of COVID-19 on small scale food enterprises
  • Conducted fieldwork in an agricultural community in Mozambique
  • Completed a consultancy assignment for a non-government organisation in Ghana.

Outside of Nous

Prior to joining Nous, Bella was a founding member and secretary of Growing Farmers Inc., a community-led organisation in Melbourne. She holds a Master of Sustainable Development from Utrecht University, the Netherlands; and a Bachelor of Arts from the University of Melbourne.

In her spare time...

Bella is an avid camper, hiker and trail runner, and loves spending time in her retrofitted 4WD. She is captivated by the outdoors and loves native birds, orchids and fish.

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