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Bronwyn Hinz

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Bronwyn has deep, internationally-recognised expertise in education policy, federalism and networked solutions.

Her 17-year career spans the government, private, not-for-profit and university sectors; where she has designed and led innovative projects to enhance policy and service effectiveness, cohesion and inclusion in complex and dynamic areas. Her award-winning analysis, recommendations and facilitation are regularly sought and cited by government, peak bodies, academia and the media.

Influential work

  • Designed and led the evaluation of a 12-month project to enhance collaboration among 101 schools
  • Supported the transformation and scaling of an ed-tech start-up to become its category’s leader; doubling its market share and quadrupling its institutional clients in 18 months
  • Designed and led pilot projects in five Australian school systems examining the role and impact of student voice as an instrument of teacher professional learning, school improvement and teaching effectiveness
  • Project-managed a two-year research project involving Australian, European and Asian universities and focusing on intergovernmental institutions to create training and reference manuals for governments
  • Led a parliamentary office, providing policy advice and media liaison to a federal member of parliament and serving constituents on federal and local issues.

Outside of Nous

Before joining Nous, Bronwyn was director of research and development for an Australia ed-tech start-up, where she contributed to a doubling in the client base and quadrupling of institutional partnerships; while also leading the design and delivery of influential research projects, pilots and school improvement tools. Previously, she was a policy fellow at the Mitchell Institute, taught at the University of Melbourne, and was chief of staff to a federal member of parliament. Her extensive publication and presentation output include the chapters on education policy for Social Policy in Australia ( 2014 and 2020), television interviews and presentations to the Forum of Federations.

Bronwyn holds a PhD in Political Science and Education and a Bachelor of Arts (Honours) from the University of Melbourne and a degree in public administration and international relations from Sciences Po. She is also an honorary fellow at the Melbourne Graduate School of Education, a co-convenor of the Australian Policy Studies Network and a Bushcare volunteer and has held representative positions on multiple university and community committees.

In her spare time...

Bronwyn loves mucking about with her school-aged kids, reading, hiking, and learning the ukulele.

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