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Carolina Dolan

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Carolina brings valuable experience working on policy and regulatory issues in the environmental protection, conservation planning and drought policy areas of government.

From her public sector roles, she brings experience in policy development and thrives on collaborating effectively with stakeholders to deliver complex, novel projects. Carolina also brings technical and analytical skills developed throughout her postgraduate research in the field of ecology and quantitative genetics.

Influential work

  • Developed clear, logical and technical advice on environmental impact assessments for complex and high-profile projects across various sectors, including the offshore renewable energy sector
  • Contributed to the policy context of a monitoring system to forecast drought conditions in Australia and improve decision-making around drought support
  • Developed conservation planning documents for various Australian threatened species listed under the Environment Protection and Biodiversity Conservation Act.

Outside of Nous

Prior to joining Nous, Carolina worked for several years in various policy areas of the Department of Agriculture, Water and the Environment, with a particular focus on environmental protection. She holds a Master of Biological Sciences from The Australian National University: her postgraduate thesis research investigated characteristics of ageing in kangaroo populations. She also holds a Bachelor of Science (earth sciences) from the same university.

While studying, Carolina earned a Chancellors Letter of Commendation for exceptional performance. During her postgraduate studies, she also worked at Questacon, where she enjoyed science communication.

Carolina’s interests are not limited to the environment and agriculture. Her academic jump from undergraduate geology to postgraduate biological research and movement between teams and projects in government demonstrate her flexibility of thinking and an enthusiasm for stepping into new fields.

In her spare time...

Carolina enjoys arthouse cinema, science fiction literature and running in nature. She practices Zen Buddhism and yoga.


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