Cassie Lions

Executive & Project Assistant
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Cassie is a versatile professional who combines technical expertise with strong problem-solving skills to drive outcomes.

She is passionate about the user experience; and with a strong track record in business administration, digital content coordination and platform management; she made significant contributions to the successful implementations of digital solutions. With a proactive and resourceful approach, Cassie empowers teams by implementing efficient tools to streamline processes. Her strong interpersonal skills and commitment to excellence create a productive and enjoyable work environment.

Outside of Nous

Through her experience in the not-for-profit, education and creative industries, Cassie gained a diverse skillset that she used to start her own virtual assistant business. Over the last few years, she has provided strategy, administration and digital marketing services to small businesses.

In her spare time...

Cassie is a creative who loves adventures. You can often find her taking short trips outside the city to find nature, sipping on boutique whiskey and writing short stories.


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