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Cherie McAdam

Community Facilitator
Cherie is the Community Facilitator in Darwin.

She brings community services experience of a decade with employment in community services across the Northern Territory (NT).

Influential work

  • Authored three books, with Moneybird winning a Moneysmart Award in 2013
  • Delivered financial counselling in over 50 remote communities in the NT and WA
  • Was the first Financial Counsellor on Transitional Housing Programme in Kununurra with Wunan Foundation (Pilot Programme), the success of which made possible the program’s spread across the Kimberley and gained the program a WA Premiers Award for commitment, service delivery and positive outcome
  • Coordinated the first home centre in a remote NT community.

Outside of Nous

Cherie was the first Indigenous Financial Counsellor in the NT. She was previously a member of the NT Steering Committee for Financial Services and holds a Diploma of Community Services (financial counselling).

In her spare time...

Cherie enjoys family time, going to clubs, hanging out with friends, watching movies and reading a good book.

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