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Colette Kirk

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Colette uses her academic experience in materials engineering and management to support organisations with a variety of challenges.

A graduate of Imperial College London, Colette worked in Southern Africa on commercial and small-scale business development and marketing, before studying at the University of Sydney and working as a Digital Marketing Consultant.

Influential work

  • Founded a cooperative for small-scale dairy farmers in Zimbabwe to improve the livelihoods of the community and allow farmers to reach a medium-scale level of milk production
  • Developed a digital process for an Australian bank to track the return on investment from webinars and live events
  • Expanded the market reach of a Zimbabwean agricultural equipment company from Zimbabwe into South Africa, Botswana and Zambia
  • Worked in a student consulting group to create a social enterprise model for a company in Uganda promoting rice production through teaching female farmers
  • Developed an online marketing strategy for a biomedical start-up in Sydney, including recommendations on crowd funding, social media and website development.

Outside of Nous

Before Nous Colette worked for Red Dane Farming in Southern Africa as Business Development and Marketing Manager, followed by Hoosh Marketing, a marketing consultancy in Sydney, as a Digital Automation Consultant. During university she was part of Imperial Consulting Group, a voluntary student-run consulting company that worked primarily with social enterprises in developing countries.

In her spare time...

Colette plays and watches tennis as often as she can and enjoys exploring national parks alone or with friends. She has spent time on every continent (except Antarctica) and enjoys singing and playing the piano.

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