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Craig Handley

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Craig has over 15 years of experience helping to drive large-scale transformations and build long-term value. His skills include product development, marketing, operations, risk management, sales and customer success. He has applied them across higher education institutions, local government and high-tech start-ups.

Craig helps clients to think differently, absorb complexity and get the gist of where value can be delivered best. Using applied data analysis, user research, hypothesis testing and financial modelling, Craig supports ambitious change programs to succeed.

Influential work

  • Developed a tinnitus app that was the first-of-its-kind in cutting-edge digital hearing aids
  • Helped RMIT University reduce its carbon emissions by 45% through an ambitious $128 million energy performance contract whilst reducing asset backlog liabilities and creating valuable earned media abroad
  • Worked at the Australian Nuclear Science and Technology Organisation nuclear reactor, running small-angle neutron-scattering experiments to test the opto-electronic properties of abundantly available diatomaceous earth found in the ocean
  • Worked with high-tech start-ups, building and developing tools to create growth and value for their clients.

Outside of Nous

Craig holds a Bachelor of Electronic Engineering and a Bachelor of Applied Science (physics) from RMIT University.

In his spare time...

Craig enjoys spending time with his young family, a game of golf and developing his data analysis skills on hobby projects. He enjoys traveling and has lived in Denmark and Canada.

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