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Dan Yunana

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Danladi brings to problem-solving a solid technical background with advanced analytical and quantitative capabilities.

He has degrees in chemical, civil and environmental engineering from Imperial College London and the University of New South Wales as a Commonwealth and Scientia Scholar. Danladi’s engineering PhD thesis helped a leading Australian water utility optimise operations and manage existing water assets for minimal occupational health risk. His work also laid a framework for future sustainable water treatment asset designs.

Influential work

  • Optimised waste plastic recycling technique that helped a UK charity secure over $1 million implementation grant
  • Co-led a team of graduate students at Imperial College London to design and implement engineered rainwater harvesting systems, providing clean water to a community of over 250,000 persons in rural Tanzania
  • Developed a comprehensive operational, maintenance and risk modelling strategy for implementation in more than 20 assets of a major Australian water utility to address occupational health challenges
  • Co-founded and led the University of New South Wales African Student Union in securing two expansion grants from the Randwick Local Council and the university’s Equity and Diversity division.

Outside of Nous

Before Nous, Danladi was a Scientia PhD Scholar at the University of New South Wales (UNSW). In 2021, he received the Arc Postgraduate Council Student Award for his productive engagement in the university community. These achievements included serving as a Research Student Officer and Mendeley Advisor, and co-founding two students’ societies: UNSW public Speaking Society and the African Students Union.

Previously, Danladi completed a Master of Science in Environmental Engineering from Imperial College London as a Commonwealth Scholar, funded by the UK Government. He is also an alumnus of the Cumberland Lodge, International Emerging Leaders programme on Freedom of Religion or Belief, supported by the UK Foreign and Commonwealth Office.

In his spare time...

Danladi enjoys swimming, reading and watching Manchester United.

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