Daniel Choi

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Daniel has a passion for improving Canadian public services by helping clients achieve sustainable growth and momentum. He served as an officer in the Republic of Korea Army, managing 15 soldiers and four K-1 Battle Tanks as a Platoon Leader.

He has led multiple military drills, cultural change and other projects with a special emphasis on enhancing the involvement and experience of conscript soldiers. He also worked in various industries including renewable energy, private education and retail.

Influential work

  • Restructured an army unit’s Local Provocation Reaction procedure by simplifying multiple operation stages while maintaining the mission’s strategic value
  • Co-developed a sales projection for a retail firm and identified new sales variables through data analytics
  • Co-developed interactive media content for a retail firm’s e-commerce department
  • Created a prototype project dashboard for a renewable energy company, helping the team to have more control over its resources and develop seamless coordination with its international offices
  • Helped a not-for-profit youth group based in Toronto to organize seasonal camps and workshops to maximize member experience.

Outside of Nous

Prior to Nous, Daniel worked as a platoon leader at an armoured battalion of the Republic of Korea Army, as a sales management analyst at retail company CJ, and as an intern at renewable energy company Suzlon.

Daniel recently completed his Master of Science in Management (International Business) at Western University’s Ivey Business School. He also holds a Bachelor of Economics and Bachelor of Arts (American Language and Literature) from Sogang University.

In his spare time...

Daniel loves to capture everyday wonders through his camera. He is also excited about playing sports, exploring Canadian provincial parks, fishing and mixing music.


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