Daniel McGuire

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Daniel is a personable, pragmatic and detail-oriented consultant who works with stakeholders to help them navigate difficulties and achieve the best possible outcome.

He brings diverse experience across the not-for-profit and private sectors. 

Influential work

  • Developed an application that tracks diabetes-relevant metrics of a medical entity’s patients, after analysing user requirements  
  • Collaboratively developed the growth strategy for a community-focussed human services provider, centring on sources of growth in the organisation  
  • Undertook a market feasibility study and subsequently prepared a marketing plan for a wholesaler pivoting into retail  
  • Oversaw the strategy and partnerships portfolio of the Victorian branch of a large education not-for-profit organisation. 

Outside of Nous

Alongside his studies, Daniel worked with individuals and organisations to help solve their most complex problems. He has volunteered with organisations including 180 Degrees Consulting and Little Dreamers Australia. 

In his spare time...

Daniel enjoys grabbing a bite with friends, reading non-fiction and indulging in the latest television and film. 


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