Danielle Luke

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Danielle is committed and enthusiastic to work with Nous clients.

She has gained experience creating policy briefs and research summaries throughout her studies in criminology and psychology, and tackles all she encounters from a logical problem-solving standpoint.

Influential work

  • Assisted with research and drafting on a medical workforce thought piece
  • Assisted with a project improving the capability of clinical services for a government health department.

Outside of Nous

Danielle has gained a world of knowledge and transferrable skills from her previous work. She has worked in a pharmacy and in the hospitality industry, as well as volunteering with the Monash Institute of Pharmaceutical Research and North Bruny Fire Brigade.

Danielle holds a Bachelor of Criminology and a Bachelor of Psychological Science from Deakin University.

In her spare time...

Danielle’s hobbies surround the ocean and include fishing, boating and camping. She loves to use her creative side to make beautiful custom clothes and intricate, filled cupcakes.


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