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Deborah Blank

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Deborah is a Consultant with training in data science and mathematics. She thrives when working on data-based analysis as well as in abstract modelling scenarios.

She enjoys sharing her passion for mathematics, and leverages her technical skills to solve daunting problems in a clever and innovative fashion.

Influential Work

  • Proposed a new polling station configuration in Pittsburgh (USA) to address overcrowding and inequality, then assessed the feasibility of such a reallocation via semidefinite programming and optimisation techniques
  • Predicted customer purchasing patterns through the development of a Bayesian filter on a data set with tens of millions of entries
  • Developed an equity trading strategy derived from the results of running sentiment analysis on recent tweets
  • Suggested optimal skills to include in an elite cheerleading routine in order to maximise the team’s score by accounting for a high degree of performance uncertainty with robust optimisation
  • Simulated US fixed income markets by building and comparing interest rate models derived from Treasury data.

Outside of Nous

Deborah has completed research in neuroscience as well as in mathematics. She was a back-to-back public speaking state champion (Wisconsin, USA) and continues to perform as an improviser.

Deborah holds a degree in Mathematical Sciences (operations research and statistics) from Carnegie Mellon University, USA. She also earned a minor in Business Administration, and graduated with university honours.

In her spare time...

Deborah enjoys reading, escape rooms and puzzle-based games, and closely follows her favourite sports, all-star cheerleading and gymnastics.


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