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Denise Heckmann

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Denise has diverse experiences in medical research and education.

While teaching as a Teach for Australia Associate, she was appointed as Head of Science, in which role she utilised her professional networks and scientific expertise to expand the school curriculum. During her PhD, Denise led projects discovering novel players that drive cancer cell survival and employed state-of-the-art gene editing technologies. Denise offers a unique combination of practical experience and a deep understanding of research, data analysis, project management, empathy and leadership.

Outside of Nous

Prior to Nous, Denise taught biology and chemistry at Footscray High School as a Teach for Australia Associate. As Head of Science, Denise managed the design and implementation of curriculum, assessments and professional development programs. She also developed resources to provide mental health support for students and staff.

Denise completed her PhD in medical biology at the Walter and Eliza Hall Institute for Medical Research (now WEHI) in Melbourne, where she investigated the mechanisms of a novel cancer treatment with collaborators in Europe and Asia.

Denise holds a PhD from the University of Melbourne, a Master of Teaching from the Australian Catholic University, and a Master and Bachelor of Biotechnology from Mannheim University of Applied Sciences.

In her spare time...

Denise loves CrossFit, Richmond Tigers, German soccer, hiking, coffee, travelling, and reading anything Brené Brown writes or recommends.

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